Work From Home Gift Ideas

If you’ve spent any time working from home this past year and half, you’re no stranger to the struggle. What you need to keep you going is a positive environment. Especially as it gets cold, cozy is key. May we suggest:

  • Woolen Siberian Slippers - remember, nobody gets to see your feet on Zoom
  • Black & White Gute Throw - top your office chair with this blanket for extra padding
  • Little Monster Money Bank - every time you make your coffee instead of buy, throw a euro into the piggy bank!
  • Time Hourglass - for keeping you on task
  • Ceramic Incense Holder - for a moment of zen after a stressful call
  • Extra-large Stoneware Teapot and Marbled Mug - for sipping all day long
  • Libri Muti Notebook - vintage-style blank notebooks made in Florence
  • Fracture Plant Pot - if you can’t escape to the great outdoors, house plants are the next best thing
  • Industrial Mist Sprayer - keep those plants hydrated!
  • Glass Blob - when all else fails, just stare at the ceiling. Our favourite, from Copenhagen-based Studio Arhoj