Cook, Eat, Sleep

Good Travel

Cooking, eating, sleeping - a triad that not only harmonises wonderfully but also belongs together for the Good Travel team. Because no holiday is complete without tasty food, and it is precisely the cuisines of other countries, with their own flavours and typical ingredients, that contribute decisively to a special holiday feeling.

Good Travel is part of our Good Family and presents a hand-picked and colourful selection of sustainable holiday destinations.

For Good Travel, accommodation is deliberately selected whose owners make a contribution to more sustainability - among other things, through the food they offer. Of course, it has a positive effect on our environment when food comes from local, organic production, and transport distances are kept as short as possible. In this cookbook, you will be presented with a small compilation of their diverse recipes.

In addition, the cookbook contains some food concepts that stand for "good food" - from responsible consumption of meat and fish to the Slow Food movement, the farm-to-table principle, and the healthy Mediterranean food offered in the so-called Blue Zones. The recipes presented by the hosts are also based on these concepts.

120 pages
Format: DIN A5 (14.8 x 21.0 cm)
The inside pages are made of 100% recycled paper with Blue Angel and FSC® recycled, and the cover is made of craft cardboard
Open thread stitching (easy to open)
Published in December 2021

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